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Throwback Thursday: ‘Sleek Heat’

Taking a cue from our friends over at SideDish, each week we’ll bring you a glimpse back at D Magazine‘s most fashionable moments.

With the recent chill we’ve experienced the past few days, we felt it was only appropriate to bring you exotic and elaborate furs from our November 1981 issue. Furs that “cost more than a car.” Furs “our models neglected other appointments for to stay and model longer,” to be exact.

This six-page feature shows models wearing elaborate furs perfect for any occasion a fashionable Dallasite might find herself in:

Our winters may be mild, but there will be times–elegant evenings at the symphony, $1,000-a-plate Republican fund-raisers, debutante balls and extravagant dinners at Jean Claude–when nothing but a fur will do. Deliciously impractical, completely unessential.

Click on the images to enlarge and take a look back at Dallas’ fashion scene in 1981.









Throwback Thursday: The Dallas Look

Taking a cue from our friends over at SideDish, each week we’ll bring you a glimpse back at D Magazine‘s most fashionable moments.

It’s only fitting to kick off this series within the pages of D‘s March 1979 issue. Society was on the threshold of fashion’s most colorful and–dare we suggest–bold era: the 1980s. If you turn to Page 73 of the March 1979 issue of D Magazine, you’ll find dramatic poses, mirrored backdrops, and soft-hued pastels. “Intense colors” and “body-bearing” shapes also dominate this spread; silks and linens line the pages of this late ’70s tribute.

But we didn’t stop there. Keep flipping, and you’ll run into “Fresh Starts,” a feature in which we gave four staff members makeovers. The color spectrum ranges from “rosy plum blush” to “deep plum tones” within this feature. There are also several mentions of “body waves” – a distinct departure from the Brazilian blowouts of today.






Sea Breeze

After reading Margherita Missoni’s beauty secrets I found myself wanting to drink sheep-based dairy products and wear ethereal dresses barefoot along the beach. Granted, I’m not in my twenties or have an Italian countryside sun-kissed complexion, but we can strive, right? So, first things first. I’m revamping my wardrobe and clearing my closet of all those five year old items that have never been worn. I’m investing in a ridiculously distressed pair of jeans to wear with my gorgeous new beachy sequined clutch that so kindly arrived in the mail. And then I’ll get a Tom Ford Carnal Red pedicure so that I can dance around barefoot and beautiful!

2011’s StyleSheet Favorites

Here’s the roundup! StyleSheet revisits the most memorable pictures of the 2011 Dallas fashion scene.



Silks, Matka, And Crepe/Presenting Prashe:  For all of your eclectic fancies, nobody puts on a show like Jan Strimple and The Fashionistas.


Diffa:  Maybe one of the most creative and inspiring fashion events of the year, DIFFA’s Dramatically Different was truly a sight to behold.



SMU Homecoming:  Where boater’s hats and white after labor day are always in vogue, the Hilltop gets it right!


Fashion’s Night Out:  The New Year’s Eve of New York fashion week. And Dallas rocked it better than any other city!



Elizabeth Anyaa:   The atmosphere at The Trinity River Audubon Center set a magical tone for Elizabeth Anyaa’s fall collection runway show.


FrontRow Live:  Not to toot our own horn, but very few people can throw a legendary party like D Magazine.



House Of Plates Part 2:  Who would have thought to throw a house party in Oak Cliff at the El Sibil with complimentary valet, food trucks, the Vintagemobile, Christopher Wray’s retro-soul sounds, and pop-up fashion shows? House Of Plates did just that and was one of our personal favorite parties of the year.


Derby Days:  Gourmet grits with sloppy joe? Sounds superb at Arlington Hall for the official Kentucky Derby soirée. Gorgeous vintage hats, reminiscent of the bokeh-filled 80’s, turned heads and celebrated the extravagance of the royals.



Mikyung:  No one rocks skinny jeans, a Porsche, and a prince named Romeo like Mikyung.


Jean Paul Gaultier:  Next to Khloe Kardashian, maybe the coolest person to come to Dallas! And his beautiful French dialect resurrected my need to wear la marinière sailor tees.