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Style According To… Hilary

Hilary Walker Inspired 555


We finally had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful and truly inspiring Hilary Walker, hence the perfect name for her lifestyle blog, Hilary Inspired. We just love her creative enthusiasm, vintage-infused wardrobe, and that seriously flirty pixie cut hair!


Your wardrobe essentials – Slim, cropped pants, big earrings (to balance my short hair style), my red Kate Spade clutch, plenty of easy button up blouses, and over-sized cardigan sweaters.

Your signature – Right now… short hair, and maybe a quirky mix of patterns.

Current lipstick crush – Nothing fancy really, but when I’m not regularly applying my Burt’s Bee’s, I’m often sporting Revlon’s Kiss Me Coral from their Super Lustrous Lipstick collection.

Favorite FW13 collection – I totally fell in love with Rochas!! The slouchy yet sophisticated, classic yet at times quirky ideas were relaxing, inviting, and alluring. And the mix of colors was gorgeous!

Latest download – I haven’t downloaded a song in forever, but I do regularly listen to my “Thelonious Monk” Spotify station. It’s great music I can easily write to without being distracted by lyrics. But, if we’re counting downloads in general, my most recent was “The Element” by Sir Ken Robinson. He. Is. Brilliant.

What’s your grape – Honestly? A quality cold beer. Not super high class, I know. But it’s what I like!

Color I’m loyal to – The pretty shade of red when it’s gone slightly orange. And a bright, warm mustard yellow.

I love… A hot cup of Earl Grey tea with honey and cream in the afternoon. I’m also a huge sucker for fresh flowers and nature walks. And, of course, hangin’ with my hubby.

Unexpected joy… from meeting new people, especially those that are kindred spirits.

Guilty pleasure – Thrifting. Except that it’s not very guilty. But it does give me great pleasure! And honestly, if it was guilty, I’d still do it.

Fashionable quote to live by – “It’s as true today as it ever was. He who seeks beauty will find it.” Bill Cunningham from Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

My look in a word – Yikes. Just one?! How about three? Classic, Vibrant, Quirky


Hilary Inspired D StyleSheet 556


We’ve seen a lot of artist studios before, but none quite as ultra cool as Lesli Marshall’s. With all of the stylish treasures she brought back from Marrakech, we thought to ourselves, this girl needs to be Coveteur’d asap. Lesli has such an infectious energy and it’s the kind of studio where you could lounge for hours, sip wine, and just watch her paint. Her paintings are complex, have infinite texture, and the compositions reflect the colors and patterns she came across while traveling through Morocco. You can see the collection at her upcoming show Lumières this Saturday March 23rd at the Mitchell Lofts from 7 to 10 PM.

Style According to… Brittany


Well hello sunshine! It’s been weeks, but the sun finally came out for our photo shoot with Brittany Cobb.


We’ve photographed Brittany once before in our studio for D Moms. She’s incredibly cool, eclectic, and, in this sometimes superficial fashion world, a bona fide breathe of fresh air. She’s the genius behind The Dallas Flea and this California native is really shaking things up in Big D. We just love her!


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