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Throwback Thursday: The Dallas Look

Taking a cue from our friends over at SideDish, each week we’ll bring you a glimpse back at D Magazine‘s most fashionable moments.

It’s only fitting to kick off this series within the pages of D‘s March 1979 issue. Society was on the threshold of fashion’s most colorful and–dare we suggest–bold era: the 1980s. If you turn to Page 73 of the March 1979 issue of D Magazine, you’ll find dramatic poses, mirrored backdrops, and soft-hued pastels. “Intense colors” and “body-bearing” shapes also dominate this spread; silks and linens line the pages of this late ’70s tribute.

But we didn’t stop there. Keep flipping, and you’ll run into “Fresh Starts,” a feature in which we gave four staff members makeovers. The color spectrum ranges from “rosy plum blush” to “deep plum tones” within this feature. There are also several mentions of “body waves” – a distinct departure from the Brazilian blowouts of today.






The 5 Most Interesting Gifts From Neiman Marcus’ 2015 ‘Christmas Book’

Dallas-based Neiman Marcus unveiled its 89th annual “The Christmas Book” this morning, complete with a guest appearance from Keanu Reeves, who–non-ironically­–arrived on a motorcycle.

Aside from the usual Tom Ford boots, Saint Laurent bags, and Neiman’s much-loved cashmere collection, the 196-page book also features the retailer’s famous “fantasy gifts.” And this year’s selection, which range in price from $10 to $400,000, upheld the retailer’s reputation for eccentric offerings. It’ll ease that impending shopper’s guilt to know that a percentage of the proceeds from the fantasy gifts go toward The Heart of Neiman Marcus, the retailer’s non-profit organization focused on youth art education and experiences.

Explore India. The most expensive of the fantasy gifts, this 12-day, five-city trip to India includes private jets, luxury suites, a sunrise tour of the Taj Mahal, and a private dinner with a Bollywood star.

Price: $400,000

Take a ride with Keanu Reeves. No, really. This two-day, three-night motorcycle ride along the California coast features time with Reeves and custom bike maker Gard Hollinger. This is open to three lucky customers and a guest. (“Speed” references possibly welcome.)

Price: $150,000

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus' "The Christmas Book"
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus’ “The Christmas Book”

Go to the edge of the world. A high-altitude balloon will lift a luxury pressurized capsule 100,000 feet above Earth, offering 360° views of Earth. You’ll have to wait until 2017 though.

Price: $90,000

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus' "The Christmas Book"
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus’ “The Christmas Book”

Get styled by Iris Apfel. Limited to five customers, this fantasy gift comes with a 4-to-5-foot truck built to specifically house Apfel’s jewelry and accessories, which were inspired by her personal collection, and a personal styling session and lunch with the 93-year-old style icon at Neiman’s flagship store in downtown Dallas.

Price: $80,000

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus' "The Christmas Book"
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus’ “The Christmas Book”

Dress to impress. Neiman’s took a slightly different approach to the His & Her gifts this year, offering MacKenzie-Childs trunks featuring your child’s hand-painted initials and holding a selection of Chasing Fireflies Ultimate Collection costumes. The boys’ version includes five Marvel super heroes costumes, while the girls’ holds five Disney Princess-themed costumes.

Price: $5,000


Honorable mentions:

  • This $10,000 couture diary.
  • This $28,000 limited edition golden peacock figurine.

Also new this year is an 11th fantasy gift, which is only sold through the store’s mobile app. The gift is a Memory Mirror, an interactive device that can be installed for $40,000 and allows shoppers personalized service from their favorite stylist.

We’re still not sure how a motorcycle ride with Keanu Reeves yields more than being lifted 100,000 feet above the earth, but you’ll report back to us, right?

For a closer look at everything in this year’s edition, check out the book yourself.

Dallas Gets A Dose Of L.A. Cool

With the mega expansion of  The Joule, Kristen Lee’s (and Tavi Gevinson approved) California-based boutique TenOverSix, is coming to Dallas. The gallery-like installation space features highly creative and original pieces by designers like 3.1 Phillip Lim, Vena Cava, Rachel Comey, and Comme des Garçons, just to name a few. And if the boutique is half as cool as Kristen and her family, Dallas is in for a treat. We can hardly wait for their February opening!