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Making Dallas Even Better

Highland Park Village Launches First Beauty Event

To celebrate its 85th anniversary, Highland Park Village is rolling out the red carpet for its first Beauty Event, which will run April 29 through May 1. Throughout Friday and Saturday, luxury athletic brand Bandier will host complimentary fitness classes, including barre, yoga, and pilates. (Also, Soul Cycle will hand out class passes and announce the official opening date of its new, much-anticipated Dallas studio.)

Popular beauty brands will showcase their latest products and provide exclusive services by national makeup artists and skincare experts. With a cumulative beauty purchase of $150 at one of the more than 15 participating stores, guests will receive the complimentary and customizable Beauty Event bag filled with a variety of luxury products and offers from select brands. Participating stores will include Chanel, Five & TenHermès, and Carolina Herrera.

Save the date and look forward to a weekend filled with beauty, fitness, discounts, exclusive services, and complimentary products and classes from some of Dallas’ most luxurious beauty and fitness brands.

Get the Look: Pastel Hair

Pastel hair isn’t a new trend. The unicorn-inspired locks have been appearing on runways and gracing the inside pages of fashion magazines for nearly two years. But this spring, hair that resembles feathery cotton candy and barmy sea foam has strut off the runway and into the everyday in a big way.

I’ve been obsessed with pastel locks for more than a year. I colored my ombré with hair chalk, lusted after Pinterest boards dedicated to the look, and booked (and canceled) not one, but two appointments to transform my golden waves into a stream of lilac. I finally worked up the courage to dye my hair three weeks ago.

After two four-hour sessions at Dear Clark Hair Studio, my mane was transformed from golden brown to a luscious blend of lilac and bubblegum pink. I was in love. The following week, I was bombarded with questions from friends and co-workers. I figured that if those around me were curious about – and considering – the look, then others might be, too.

Here is everything you need to know about getting a pastel ‘do in Dallas.

Does it damage your hair?

It depends on the products your stylist uses. According to Miriam Ortega who owns Studio 410 in Oak Cliff: “Not necessarily, because products have changed and have allowed for us stylists to use bleach with no damage.”

I recommend sitting down with your stylist and discussing the process before getting started.

How long does the process take?

Everybody’s hair is different. According to Amy Marshall, my stylist at Dear Clark: “First I have to strip, which is [the] removal of color that’s on the hair. We bleached you twice, but it always depends on the base color. Some people can lift in one sitting, others in two. … We use Elumen by Goldwell at the salon. It’s ammonia-free, and high pigment with high shine.”

How much does it cost?

Prices range from $150 to $750 depending on your hair and where you go. I paid on the higher end of the spectrum but that’s only because my hair took more than one session to “lift” (lighten to silver). I also got a cut.

How long does the color last?

My pink and purple locks faded to silver in three weeks, but I’ve heard of people maintaining their pastel ‘do for up to three months. It’s important to use color-protecting shampoo. Most of the cost comes from the bleaching process, so it’s not nearly as pricey to have more color added the second (and third and fourth) time around. If you’re considering pastel hair, then you should be aware that it is a high-maintenance look.

What are some of the most popular colors?

According to Marshall: “Everyone wants pastel hair, I get three people a week, and that’s just me. As for the most popular colors: baby pink, soft lavender, sea foam green, and pinks and purples mixed together.”

Where in Dallas can you get pastel hair?

Clive & Co.
Dear Clark
Studio 410
Osgood O’neil
Avalon Salon

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Galleria Dallas Welcomes BeautyLive This Weekend

This weekend, Galleria Dallas will host BeautyLive, the largest beauty consumer event in the Southwest. The weekend-long event will feature the top trends in beauty, health, and wellness with several expert sessions and in-store events.  Along with the experience, participants will take home free products, tips, and tricks.

“After eight years, I am constantly amazed by the new ideas, techniques and tips that we learn at each of the sessions,” says Holly Quartaro, event host and Galleria Dallas stylist.

Every year, BeautyLive adds new experiences for attendees, and it has continued to grow this year.

“We’ve really expanded the definition of beauty to include wellness, style and more,”Quartaro says.

In addition to the free experiences – such as the braids from TONI&GUY, hand massages, as well as palm and lip readings – there will be platform modeling showing the latest fashions from Galleria Dallas stores.

With several events scheduled for the weekend, we’ve highlighted the can’t-miss moments. (You can find a full schedule here.)


11 a.m. Saturday, Main Stage

Kickstart the weekend listening to inspiring and insightful beauty insiders who represent women of various ages and ethnicities. Hosted by Quartaro and lifestyle guru Steve Kemble, the panel of experts–including Model Behaviors founder Toni Munoz-Hunt and makeup artist Joanna Hathcock–will share their favorite beauty tips and solutions.

BeautyLive will include demonstrations from industry professionals.
BeautyLive will include demonstrations from industry professionals.


1 p.m. Saturday, Main Stage

Beauty experts Adrian Andrews-Watts and Lisa Rawls will share the latest information on beauty trends, health, and wellness. Enjoy three mini cosmetic sessions: “Heat Things Up” with Estée Lauder, “Eye of the Storm” with Lancôme, and “Supernatural” with Clinique.


4 p.m. Saturday, Main Stage

Anastasia Beverly Hills expert Lashonda Hathorn will teach you how to lift the face by creating the perfect brow arch as well as give you tips on how to choose the best products for creating a natural look based on your particular face shape and structure. Nordstrom will also be holding spring color touchups and hand massages by Lancome and giving out deluxe samples from Trish McEvoy, Clinique, and Chantacaille throughout the day.


4 p.m. Sunday

End the beauty-filled weekend with an amazing grand final show on the ice. Olympian figure skater and outspoken fashion commentator Johnny Weir will be skating along with some of the top skaters around such as 2012 U.S. National Pair Champions Caydee Denney and John Coughlin. The show is free.

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6 Questions With Veteran Makeup Artist Kirsten Weis

Veteran makeup artist and founder of Kjaer Weis organic makeup Kirsten Weis knows what it takes to make skin feel and look flawless. Combining her expertise and love for design, Weis’ products blend the highest quality natural and organic ingredients with a luxurious aesthetic exterior. Weis’ line has become one of the brands for Forty Five Ten’s Rare Beauty. We sat down with Weis on her recent stop at the Knox-Henderson store to find out more about her line.


StyleSheet: How did you get into making this organic beauty line?

Kirsten Weis: I have been working as a makeup artist for 20 years, and I just felt like I had women constantly sit in the chair and say they break out from the foundation, lipstick, blush, and [other] makeup products. I never had any green products in my kit because they didn’t perform, so the plan was to merge the two worlds where you literally have a non-synthetic ingredient list but have it perform at the same level as conventional brands. [There’s also] a high emphasis on design and packaging.


SS: What are the benefits? What kind of difference do you see when you use organic products over those that are chemically processed?

KW: I really think that it’s a lot about the feel. When you apply most synthetics on your skin, it feels like something that sits on top, almost like a layer of silicone. Most people don’t view it like that, but once you start using beautiful organic ingredients, it’s nourishing for the skin. The main difference is that you feel like your skin can breathe; it doesn’t clog up. You can make it perform and look as nice as conventional brands; it’s just a matter of having a good chef in the kitchen making the product.

SS: How do you preserve your organic makeup products and how long will they last?

Kirsten: When you don’t use parabens, the beauty is that somehow nature always provides. [For example, if] we are running one lipstick color a lot, we run what is called a bulk. It’s almost like a big soup. As for the recipe in food, a lot of times you have to cool it down and then heat it back up. It’s the same thing with this; it’s called a self-preserving formulation. It basically means by heating it up and cooling it down at certain times, as well as adding in oils from nature that are anti-bacterial, it is going to help preserve the product. The products last for a year after you open them except for the mascara, which only stays fresh for three months.


SS: What do you notice about Dallas women’s beauty and style that is different from other cities?

KW: A general feel is that women here really take care of themselves. I grew up in a small country, and my mom’s makeup, when she was going out, was a moisturizer and a lipstick. It was super minimalistic. Here, it is more of a polished look–more colorful and more makeup over all.


SS: What item from the line do you think Dallas women will love the most?

Kirsten: I feel here there is a huge emphasis on having flawless skin, so I feel the foundation will do well here. I also think the eye shadows [will do well] because they are really long lasting, something you can wear all day that can easily go into night.


SS: Hot days are around the corner, and Dallas can get pretty humid. Do Kjaer Weis products contain sunscreen, and are any of them waterproof?

KW: The products do not contain sunscreen because SPF is a synthetic. The foundation is not going to clog up your skin, so you can apply just as little as you possibly can. The foundation has somewhat of a matte finish, so if you are in the sun, it’s going to start shining a little bit. It’s impossible not to, but I would say less is more. I would just always carry it with you because your skin is not going to break out if you keep applying it during the day. Then, I would use a cream blush because it gives a fresh-face glow.

Krista Wheeler is a D Weddings and D Home intern.

Shop The Look: Dramatic, Bare-Faced Beauty

We couldn’t help but notice the barely-there, nude makeup trend du jour that seems to be making more and more appearances on the runways every season. Not only is it universally flattering, but it’s also much easier to achieve, especially with a few of our favorite picks below.

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Essential Holiday Beauty Bag Check List

We sat down for a holiday beauty tutorial from our favorite makeup artist Carmen Williamson. She says that everything’s about an emphasis on contouring, cheek bones, and the perfect red lips for the winter season. While we may not have the expert eye that Carmen has, she has shared her list of holiday beauty essentials. Click through to shop.