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Making Dallas Even Better

Russian Dolls

After photographing Hanh yesterday, we couldn’t wait to share these 5 1/2″ darlings with you. Of course, they’re Charlotte Olympia, who dreams up everything from pretty kitty flats to puckered lip moon pumps. So it would only be natural to have a stiletto with a winking matryoshka doll head and swirly suede. When whimsical has the potential to go so wrong, she’s an absolute shoe genius. ♥

Arm Candy

Usually, by the end of August, I’m ready to shed all the bracelets that have stacked up my wrists from summer trips. But right now I’m obsessed with stackable bracelets, friendship bracelets, gold watches, and retro swatches. Hey, that rhymed! Basically, anything that’s arm candy. Paired with a look that’s incredibly classic and rich, par exemple, your best NYFW street-worthy look. I fell in love with these Gemelli bracelets the second I saw them. Notice the little stone skulls? Gemelli designer Claire Morgan and her friends really rocked the look.